The other day I ran sound for an ITT tech graduation. There are several technical schools that use GCEC for graduations, and I actually really like being there for them. The graduating class of a small technical school in Tulsa is a lot different then that of the average 4 year institution. Last night there were several graduates who told their story. One was a single father who took care of his 9 year old daughter, worked, and put himself trough school.  Another had been in jail for simple possession and when he got out he wanted to change his life, so he went to school, in the mean time his dad had died and his mom had a stroke and was not even able to be at the graduation. There is something really cool about seeing a group of people who have struggled to reach a goal get there.

Everybody has their struggles with school (i know i took my time getting done), but there is something different about seeing people who have experienced some pain in life, realized that there was something that they needed to learn, and choose to go to school to learn it. They didn’t go to school just because it was what they were supposed to do after they graduated, they went because they had decided that they needed to.

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