not an update update


We have been busy! We will do some posts over the next week about some specific stuff, but for now here are a few random things:

Concerts we have hosted in the last month: 4 (Cass Harris, Jared Hard, and Sara Swenson all of whom you should check out)

Art shows we have hosted in the last month: 1 (with various artists, including Austin Penick)

Freelance design projects im working on…and getting paid for: 1 (hey, you have to start with one!)

Random interesting info: here

Morning radio station:  KRMG (but..i have to make this disclaimer, i cannot handle Neal Boortz. He likes to yell…a lot)

Rest of the time radio station: KWGS unless you are Beth..then its 106.1

Side Project: GPS Tulsa

If you recently graduated from college and are looking for something to do you should check out: The CML and LEAD

Productivity today: Low

Years in a row one of us has not been at NLR Sunday of week1 until a few days ago : 9

next week: first day of pottery class

I have a flickr account, but its sort of like my other blog, and this other blog, i dont post to if very often…even though i want to. Although i do have a sort of cool set of pictures i will be uploading soon.

One of the most popular CQ Missional posts: here

Last weeks wedding: Russia

The week before that: Mexico

miles on my bike this week: 0

Ok, thats it. We will start blogging again. promise.

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