Say what?

I think my jaw may have literally dropped.
I think the word “what?!” may have come out of that open jaw in a whisper of disbelief.
I know my eyes were wide with shock.

And I sort of hate that I reacted in any way to someone telling me that Jennifer Knapp was gay.

But I sort of like that I had to find out for myself before I could move any further down the path of thinking about it/figuring out what I believe about it.

And I found some really great stuff here. Mostly because it goes straight to the source.

And as we watched her in concert last night, there were lots of things swimming around in my head…

how can she love God & willingly “disobey”
how do I feel about singing along to these songs that are so powerful to me, knowing they were written by someone who would do that.

how could I be such a hippocrite?
no, wait…it’s wrong to judge her, I don’t even know her.

And then, this thought came to mind…

She’s just not who I thought she was.

As if I even knew her in the first place!

And that’s sort of where I’ve landed with this for right now.
I don’t know her. I know that she has written some powerful songs. And I still love them.
And I know that she sang her heart out last night & it was beautiful to watch her & get drawn into her music-full of questions/honesty/faith/hope.

And I know that we, as Christians, are called to love above all else.

Not fix, or change, or judge.


So I will keep trying to train my brain/emotions/heart to not react so quickly to shocking news. But to love first.

3 Replies to “Say what?”

  1. My jaw would have also dropped! I still remember in college when a pastor I greatly admired got a divorce. Any time a Christian is looked up to by one or many the commited sin causes such great disappointment. I realize that I can only look to Jesus for the perfect image I want to be. However, scripture tells us that those in leadership (even teaching Sunday Schoo!l) will be held accountable by God himself. It i good to pray for this performer that she will not lead others to follow her example, but rather they will be lead to worship God. And, that she can come to know that God’s ways are perfect.


  2. Don’t be so hard on yourself, Beth. We love the sinner, but hate the sin. That’s God working in us. We hate sin in ourselves and we hate to see it in others, especially when they are our “brother” or “sister” in Christ. Mostly because we understand the pain of sin’s consequences. What Christian doesn’t want the best life for everyone? We are to be a “written epistle” for others to see…the love of Christ exhibited. Love covers a multitude of sin when we love the sinner, but hate the sin. To represent Christ, we must stand up for both and sometimes it is “jaw-dropping.” Christ is merciful and forgives, but He says, “Go and sin no more.” Somewhere along the way, this Christian believed a LIE. And we know who the Father of Lies is. A rescue is in order. We must pray. I can tell you know all this. Blessings!


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