Cell Phones

Yesterday I was downtown talking to Margin. Margin is homeless, although she does have a lot of resources through friends. Somehow we ended up talking about cell phones. She has a cell phone, which is an asset to her in terms of finding a job, staying connected to people, stuff like that. This is actually kind of a big thing: how can those in poverty have access to communication tools that will help them find a job, stay in touch with family, etc. Cell phones are one tool that is important (although not universally accepted as a good thing i suppose). Community Voice Mail is an organization that works in this area as well. CVM does not deal in phones, but does give people a voice mail box so they can receive messages.

Margin mentioned that one of the hard parts about having a cell phone is being able to keep it charged. So, i think that if i ever live or have a business in an area where it makes sense i’m going to put a couple power outlets and a bench outside so people can charge there phones.

It’s kind of crazy, the things we never really think about that become hard when you don’t have a permanent roof over your head that is not a bridge.

One Reply to “Cell Phones”

  1. I remember when Beth, Brandy and I were on our way driving back from Colorado to visit Laura. My car had an issue and had to be towed. While we waited for them to figure out what was wrong, I wanted to call my parents, but my phone was out of battery. It was so hard to find someplace where I could charge it! I think I ended up going to a gas station and plugging it in near the bathroom. I can only imagine those that rely solely on public outlets for that sort of thing!


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