A sad day.

I just broke the glass carafe part of my french press.

And I almost cried.

Not because I broke it. But because it means it will be a few days (at least) before I can replace it & make french press coffee again.

*sigh* Maybe that means I’m a little bit addicted.


Perhaps this one is a bit extravagant…

This one is cute though…

Good thing they sell replacement parts.

4 Replies to “A sad day.”

  1. While I’m apparently not quite as attached to mine, I have a red Bodum that I love. They are beautiful and bring such refreshment joy. Hope You get your replacement soon.


  2. Yeah, we broke our espresso carafe a couple months ago and haven’t replaced it yet… It has significantly cut down the amount of coffee we drink. This is a good thing if you ask Matt. Me… not so much.


  3. I bought mine from the Joneses when the left for China and LOVE it. I never drank French press coffee before, but now I will never go back. What will you do while waiting for your replacement part? Yikes!


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