reflections on my morning

It’s 10:30 on Friday morning. And so far today, I…

1. cleaned the kitchen

2. made blueberry muffins just like my momma makes ’em. (reduce the liquid & use the juice from the blueberries…more blueberry flavor & they come out purple!)

3. answered a few emails & worked on my newest endeavor through the Green Country Event Center-a wedding show!  Check out to see some of what I’ve been working on lately. (And let me know if you’re interested in reserving some booth space!)

Up next…

1. more working from home. (I really, really love working from home.)

2. learning how to use a hair straightener

3. a visit to NLR to see our peeps out there

4. Cass‘ concert tonight

5. our annual Valentine’s fondue celebration (a bit more low-key this year than in year’s past-but the tradition continues!)

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