Story 1: Jerry and Gerry

I made this video recently, its sort of my first finished story for my story telling project at church. It was a lot of fun to make. Overall I think it came out well. For my next one im going to be doing something a bit bigger involving a lot more people. This next one is actually a bit intimidating because I am hoping to go out and get interviews with lots of people who i don’t really know and don’t necessarily have an existing relationship with the church. I’m not very good at that so it’s a bit scary right now!

Food Pantry and Clothing Closet from Ben West on Vimeo.

3 Replies to “Story 1: Jerry and Gerry”

  1. great, ben! I liked:
    1) Jerry’s story of his childhood. the kernel of influence that his folks planted in helping others
    2) related, Jerry’s bit about the chain effect of helping others who then help others

    oh man, I want Sage to have that kind of foundation and memory! and, i want to have the perspective of influence possibilities–like what a half case of baby food can do. or a short video.


  2. thanks Tony.
    That idea of legacy is part of what i really liked about Jerry’s story. There were several things we talked about (both positive and negative) during our conversation that he sees as a direct result of his parents. It’s a bit scary, but mostly humbling i think to consider how much influence little things we do have on people around us.

    As i write this though I am thinking about the danger of just blaming who we are on our past, how we were raised, etc. That’s not very good. either.


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