Come live Next To Us

If you happen to live in Tulsa, and happen to be looking for a place to live we might have a place for you (actually, our landlords might have a place for you). The apartment next to us is open, How about a tour:

There is a bedroom:


A dinning room:


A living room:


And a cool little sunroom thing:


Oh, there is a bathroom also. Where is the kitchen you ask? Well, that is the unique part. There is one kitchen for the two apartments. So, you would get to share a kitchen with us. That’s not to bad is it?

One of the best parts is the location right on Cherry Street. We can walk to Chimi’s, Jason’s Deli, Coffee Shop on Cherry Stree, Kilkinnys, Full Moon…the list goes on…in 5 minutes. We can walk downtown in 15, the bike trail goes right by our house, easy acess to the BA, Brookside is only a couple miles away.

If your interested let us know and we can get you in touch with our landlord. Rent is inexpensive, utilities are not bad, and it’s flexible, there is not a lease agreement as far as how long we will stay.

Let us know if your interested.

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