18 Years

The other day I had the chance to meet a man who came to the church looking for help with rent. I ended up sitting at a table with him just talking. He had an amazing story.  He had done a bit of everything, from living in the woods with a bunch of wandering people, making drums for a living, carrying a cross around Salt lake City….he had done a lot of things in his life, the last 18 years of which he had spent in prison.  It was a pleasure to hear his story. I have to say I am a bit untrusting when i hear amazing stories of massive life change, I guess i have some cynic in me, but despite that it was encouraging to hear somebody talk of how God has meet them in a difficult time in life, and to hear his faith that God will provide in the future. The hard part now for him of course is finding a job. It’s hard for somebody who has committed a crime worthy of 18 years in prison to get a job.  I hope the right person is willing to take a risk on him, that somebody is willing to be part of a small redemptive work in Tulsa.

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