As part of our time in the CML we each have a project we will be working on. I finally picked mine…which took a while. I had several possibilites, the first one that i was drawn to was to begin working to start a coffee import business. For various reason i have decided not to do that right away…there are parts of being involved in a project like that which really interest me, so someday….you never know.

For my project i am going to try my hand at being a story teller. For a long time i have been fascinated by peoples stories. This American Life is one of my all time favorite things to do in my spare time. I have also always greatly  admired people who can go out and with boldness make people comfortable enough to open up to a stranger in front of the mic, pen, or camera and be real and honest. That is not a skill i have…honestly it goes against a lot of things that are really deep within me. So, i figure ill spend the next 9 or so months really out of my skill set and comfort and see if I can get some people to tell me where they come from, who they are, what they are doing, there dreams, struggles, and passions, let me document those things, and see if i can come up with some sort of finished product that is compelling enough to get people to care. I think there is a good chance i will fall flat on my face with this one.

I have not really fleshed this out yet…so i don’t know exactly what it will look like, but there are 2 basic types of stores i want to tell. First are stores of things that happen inside of the Green Country Event Center where we are working. So, for example i want to tell the story of Angel Food, the Food Pantry, AA, etc. The second story i want to tell are those of the people that live in the community around the church. It is a very diverse community, and i think there are a lot really interesting things to learn from the people who live nearby. So…there it is…now i just have to go actually talk to people…that is the scary part.

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