On Handel’s Messiah

“For the Lord God Omnipotent Reigneth




We just got back from a presentation of Handel’s Messiah at a church just down the road from us (we walked!) & these are the lyrics going through my head. They’ll probably still be there when I wake up in the morning. It’s catchy, ya know?

We drive by the First Lutheran Church every day on our way home & noticed their sign outside, advertising their rendition of this Christmas classic. It wasn’t until reading the program that we realized that this is a long-standing tradition for this church, and other Lutheran churches in the area. This was actually the 89th year! They started in 1921! They even still use the same slides that were used in 1921 showing different paintings of Christ’s life. The First Lutheran Church started the presentation back in 1921 & in 1953, while they were temporarily without a church home, another Lutheran Church offered their sanctuary for the presentation & the choirs from both churches joined together to put together this timeless piece of music. And from there it was opened up to all Lutheran churches in the area. (I thought this was a cool story.)

Other thoughts on the evening…

  • We sat about 3 rows behind an adorable 4-year-old who (with great gumption) did her best to direct the choir herself. With arms flailing she tried her darndest to direct them, but alas, they followed the conductor, as her parents gave her the “look.”
  • (Background: The choir was dressed in “period” costumes. You know, normal Christmas Pageant outfits with the robes & cords tied around their waists & scarves over their heads.) Well there was an old lady in the chorus who was by my estimations in her 80s. I’m pretty sure she was wearing a bright pink bathrobe. With a little rope tied around her waist, so it looked mostly like the others. But it was definitely a bath robe. She was precious. I wonder how many years she’s been performing this with them.

It was a really fun way to be reminded of the most special time of year.

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