How I spent my weekend…

By Beth West.


  • Got to meet up with the Moretons who were in town signing adoption papers. (Something they’ve been waiting 44 months to do!!!)
  • Enjoyed a date with my hubby to Macaroni Grill, courtesy of a gift card from some very great folks.
  • Slept through a movie.


  • Enjoyed being the last one to get out of bed this morning. (I’m usually the first one up.)
  • Enjoyed some lovely Sam & Ella’s with the Burrys in preparation for the 3rd annual “picking out a Christmas tree with the Burrys.”
  • Picked out (& watched as Ben cut down) our Christmas tree.
  • Painted more of the living room. 3 hours of painting & not a whole lot to show for it….but it’s getting there!

Up next:

  • church
  • decorating the tree
  • a presentation of Handel’s Messiah at a church just down the street from us.  (I’m really loving Christmastime in the city!!!)

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