giving thanks: 26

Today I am thankful for provision. God’s provision to be more precise.

So today…Thanksgiving Day…I am thankful for:

  • a table over-flowing with food
  • friends & family to share said food with
  • that we are so comfortable in our new home in Tulsa
  • that we still find comfort in visiting with our old home at NLR
  • that we have wonderful family both near & far. (Hi mom!) 🙂

And we carried out a newer Thanksgiving tradition today. The 5th Annual Casserole Crawl-our very own version of a 5K.  (We all meet at NLR, someone shuttles us all down the road 3.1 miles away from camp, we all run/walk/bike/walk backwards to the finish line; where no one really keeps track of finish times.) It’s just a fun way to burn some energy & build up an appetite before gorging ourselves on Thanksgiving yumminess. We had a great turnout again this year!

fifth casserole crawl

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