giving thanks: 25

It’s harder to feel thankful today. When I left the house on Wednesday morning, this is how I found our car:

outback crunched

But I’m really trying here to be thankful….  so more on the car in a later post.
Today I am thankful for the sweet old lady at Mod 50s Modern. It’s a really fun vintage/antique store. I went in today because they were having a sale & I had seen some wonderful fabric in there a few weeks ago. She was very friendly, and just interacting with her helped take my mind off the car.

So I bought 4 yards of fabric at just $3.50 a yard! And this is not just any old fabric. Remember how this is a vintage store? Well, the saleslady told me how the owner of the store found it at an old lady’s house several years ago…rolls & rolls of fabric from the 1940s & 1950s. And it’s beautiful! So I bought this…

green flowers…which I plan to use to make some napkins.

And this…

tapestry…which I plan to use to make a curtain between our dining room & kitchen. (There is no actual door there & we share the kitchen with the other person who rents out the apartment across from ours.)
And this…

embroidered fabricWhich I plan to use as a table cloth. It’s a small piece of fabric (that will fit our small kitchen table quite nicely.) It was used as a sample of some hand embroidery that some fabric company was selling.

I just really love that these fabrics are authentically old & have some history.

And today I am choosing to be thankful, which is proving to take more effort than most of the days from this month have.

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