Reflections on a weekend

I spent my first weekend hosting at the events center, it was a good (if long) weekend. Mostly I ran sound for 2 events, the first was a funeral. The lady who died was Hmong, which is an ethnic group who migrated to the United Stats from southeast Asia. The Hmong have a tradition of a very family centered funeral that spans 4 days. This seems long…but when you consider it is a family reunion rolled up into a funeral its not that long. I have to say though…mixing for a service that is several hours long and nothing is in English can be a bit tedious after a while.  That said, I appreciated being able to be an observer, and get to see a part of Hmong culture. The Hmong seem to be a very warm and inviting people, and I’m excited to get to learn about their way of life.

The other thing I hosted was a graduation, which was simple from a hosting stand point. The school is a college focused on people who already have families, kids and jobs who are looking to move into new jobs, mostly medical and office professionals. It was cool to see a lot of people who have gone through a lot to graduate. I think they probably appreciate there own accomplishment a lot more then those of us that did college right out of high school before we had families.

So, good weekend…

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