My week

Part of my week is spent working for the event center hosting groups….keep that in mind. Here we go.

wednesday – check engine light comes on in car

thursday (day off) – take half a day off.  get flat tire. eat chili.

friday – fix flat tire. host funeral (just as an aside…i have mixed audio in some relatively stressful situations. This one topped them all and all it was was one mic and a cd player. Why? none of the funeral is in English, so i have no idea what is going on)  at the church. After funeral push coffin to counting room. lock counting room.

saturday – put coffin back out into church for funeral (its a long funeral). Move coffin back into counting room for college graduation. watch lady almost tip her wheelchair off stage. coffin back into church for more funeral. drop big bouquet of flowers on floor. fix flowers. put coffin away. close building. go home. write blog post.  eat leftovers. go to bed.

Beths weekend: sleep until 10, buy phone, watch tv, go hiking, eat dinner, homework, facebook.

3 Replies to “My week”

  1. this week must be part of the vows you took, for better or worse, i think you qualify for the worse. glad to see you are blogging, easier to keep up with than email all the time. says beth watched tv, do you have cable? or dish? my mom has a 19″ tv that has auto tape player that is not being used if you want that. hope this next week is getting better. just cold and rainy in st. louis,
    love, mom debbie


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