A good day.


I’m feeling rather accomplished today.

I drove all the way into the big, scary maze of streets that is downtown today.

All by myself. [This is a big deal]

I did not freak out.

I did not get lost. [even though I had to make several detours from the route I had planned out in detail before I left.]

I found the bus station. [after several trips driving around the same block]

I did not get into a wreck. [though I saw several, which I attribute to drizzle all day making for rainy streets & people not driving with their headlights on-but don’t get me started on that one]

I found a [relatively] inexpensive  place to park. [might not have been the closest one, but it was within reasonable walking distance & it did not require parallel parking]

I purchased a ticket. [which did not go how I thought it would]

And made my way back to the church.

I still feel like the country girl dropped into the big city most days.  But I gained some confidence today.

3 Replies to “A good day.”

  1. Hey! I saw “Broken Arrow” and it reminded me that you are in the land of Broken Arrow High School, a crazy-good marching band program. And AAron Bryan has worked there for a few years, too.


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