First week…

We have kind of been out of internet touch this week…sorry for the lack of updates! Hopefully we will get our internet stuff sorted out this week and can post more!

Our first week was really good! We have been meeting lots of new people (which is honestly exhausting for me!), mostly at the church where we will be working. There are two big things we have been doing, first is staring the academic side of what we are doing, we went through some introduction stuff to what we will be talking about, and we have a big stack of books to read. I’m really excited out getting into the books soon, to start examining some new ideas.

We have also been talking to the church staff starting to figure out some ideas about what our projects will be. Most of the next month will be spent figuring out how we can most effectively get plugged in and impact the community we are part of now.

That’s the short update…we will start posting some specifics this week if we get our internet connection worked out. We will have plenty to write about!

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