I have been sort of sorrowful about moving tomorrow.

Not regretting our decision, just sad to leave these comforts. So after my mom & I packed most of the day I spent a little time downtown this afternoon.

Picked up a picture we had framed (which turned out wonderful-thanks to Holly).

Got a coffee at my favorite cafe.

Said goodbye to a friend, and scored some great candy.

And thoroughly enjoyed a stroll downtown-one last time. Topped off w/ a stop at the Farmer’s Market for some fresh flowers to grace our box-laden apartment tomorrow. (Though all the vases are packed, as I realized when I returned home. So a nalgene will have to make do.)  🙂

And then I found these two quotes that friends listed on Facebook this afternoon. They hit home for me. And encouraged me.

“God came down and lived in this same world as a man…that we might be changed- not into an angel or a storybook princess, not wafted into another world, but changed into saints in THIS world. The secret is Christ in me, not me in a different set of circumstances.” -E.E. (Thanks, Lisa)


Accomplishing His vision means you have to be available. Your gifts or personality don’t matter if you don’t show up. (Thanks, Brandon)

Time to keep cleaning/packing!

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