Well, friends. I just got back from selling something that was practically attached to my shoulder/face/hands for the better part of 8 years.

My trombone.

The man at the music store asked if it was emotional for me.

Sort of.  I mean, this instrument opened up a whole new world to me.  Friends, music, travel, college, $. It was a trusty friend, and I couldn’t help but be flooded by old memories as I carried it from the car to the store.

And lest you think I’ve turned all non-sentimental and am just getting rid of everything so I don’t have to move it, I held on to my wedding dress (and always will) & my guitar (which someday I really do hope I learn to play.)

3 Replies to “Sold.”

  1. Sad day…i think my mom and dad brought my trombone back from NM with them…or maybe you did, actually??

    You can borrow it whenever you want. That is, if it still plays.


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