If a tree falls in the woods…

We just got back from visiting family, it was good to get to see my cousins and aunts and uncles and grandparents, and get to be there for Shawn’s wedding.

We were talking to my aunt and uncle about Garnett Church and its involvement in the community around them, and they said something interesting. The church that they are part of has asked themselves a question: “If the church went away today would anybody in the community notice? Would they be sad? Happy? Relieved?” The decided that irrespective of a person in the communities faith (or lack of…) they should be sad to see a church leave. This is an interesting way to think about how the church should relate to the people around it.

we did not take very many pictures, but here are a few:


I went hiking a bit on top of the mountain…it was super foggy, which was a actually really cool.



The obligatory feet shot.




There is a reason that the remote lock for the car did not work on top of the mountain. I can feel my body mutating already.

Of course the big event was a wedding. It rained for most of the outdoor ceremony…so no pictures of that, but there was a pinata and dancing…



That was our trip to New Mexico…well, there was more then that, but that’s all we have pictures of, sorry you have to miss out on the Big Texin, the worlds largest cross in the western hemisphere and the Cadillacs.

A few random things to consider:

A fun video: Joe’s Dance (im just plugging this everywhere so my neighbor can get lots of views, so…you should watch it and pass it on…you know, in one of those annoying email forward things).

Something to consider about the current health care debate: Jesus’ Health Care Plan from Barna

For the cooks: 100 ways to crack an egg

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