We thought it would be good to post a few pictures to show you what we’ve been up to.

Our amazing Community Group held a going away party for us. We had s’mores. (This is Jude enjoying his s’more.)

jude (Custom)

Then we went to an Arkansas Naturals’ baseball game. Rhett put forth a valiant effort to catch any & every fly ball that came anywhere remotely near us. In the end, it was Nathan who caught one. He just happened put his arm out at just the right moment & caught the ball (right where Rhett had been standing).

September 2009 053 (Custom)

These guys came too.

September 2009 055 (Custom)

We also recently made a trip up to Missouri to visit my parents…

September 2009 101 (Custom)

…and Truman State University (where Beth went to school).   We didn’t take the camera out very much while we were there, but here are a few shots.

Dobson Hall, room 237  (middle window, right above the door.) Lots of good memories here!

September 2009 105 (Custom)

This is the pond at the Belzer’s farm. I went into that muddy water 10 years ago this month & came up washed clean by the Spirit.

September 2009 104 (Custom)

One of my college roommates (Brandy) was in town from Germany w/ her husband & sweet baby girl. We hung out with them & got to visit the amazing Belzer family all at the same time.

September 2009 134 (Custom)

September 2009 131 (Custom)

There is a bridge near the Belzer’s that the train goes under. One of my lasting memories from my time in Kirksville is standing on the bridge, at night, while the train passes underneath you. It’s a thrilling/scary experience! I’m not even sure how to explain it. But I really wanted Ben to experience it, and I was happy that it lived up to all of my great memories.  While we waited for the train to come, Ben got artsy with the camera. (Can you find Ben?)

September 2009 127 (Custom)

In other news, Ben rode a horse.

September 2009 079 (Custom)

And in case you forgot what we look like, here’s a shot of us from the Naturals’ game.September 2009 056 (Custom)

We are headed to Albuquerque this week for some time with Ben’s family. And moving day is September 26th. Lots of stuff to do between now & then!

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