This weekend we ate lunch with some of the elders at Garnett Church of Christ where we will be working during our time with CQMissional. Greg Taylor, the pastor said something I thought was very insightful…I don’t remember exactly what he said, but here is the idea:

“When we relate to the poor we cannot use our money to have power over them, but to put power under them”

I think this is a beautiful picture, and there are lots of conversations that could come out of this one statement.

Last night we watched The Garden, which you should watch. The gist of the documentary is that due to politics and money a huge community garden in downtown LA was destroyed to build a warehouse. It’s hard to know the real story, and there were faults on lots of sides, but in the end it is a true example of people with influence holding power over people, when they had an amazing opportunity to put power under people.

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