Some of Beth’s answers to the application

Ben shared some of his answers to our application questions, so I thought I’d share a few of mine.

In one or two sentences, what is your favorite  movie and why?

Steel Magnolias. I love those southern ladies (& their accents!) The way they fully invest themselves into each others lives is intriguing. They draw me in & we are all friends….we laugh together & cry together. Great writing….true-to-life emotions…and Dolly Parton….what could be better?

Complete this sentence: “I think others would describe me as…”
A friend. Someone who listens & loves. Someone who has a solid faith–grounded & rooted in His love, no matter what the circumstance. And I’d hope they’d describe me as a vessel of the Lord’s love.

In one or two sentences, what is your favorite  book and why?
The Hiding Place by Corrie ten Boom. I read it often. Corrie’s faith & forgiveness-and that of her sister’s is truly awe-inspiring. To find hope in the circumstances they were given blows my mind every time I read it.

If YES, how long have you been involved?  Is it serious?  How do you think the CML will affect this relationship?
Well, we’ve been married for 6 years (almost-on Sept. 27 it will be 6 years). So we’re pretty serious. I think that CML is going to stretch us in ways that we can’t even conceive. I want us to both find the things that the Lord has created us to do & I want to see how they can really fit together best to be used (together) for God’s glory. We will not be the same after this….and that is exciting. Not that we are in a bad place now (relationally)…but we are excited for what this year will mean in the life of our relationship.

1. What does a relationship to Christ mean to you?  What does it mean to join God’s kingdom?  How do you do that?
A relationship with Christ is what I have. I entered into this relationship “officially” when I was 19, but I had been talking to Him for years before that. And I think He was speaking to me since day 1.

Sometimes I feel like we’re tight…I know what He wants of me, I see & feel Him moving. And other times, not so much. But I know that He is the constant one in this relationship. It is I who pulls away. Joining God’s kingdom means that you choose Him. You choose the life He has for you, not your own. It means acknowledging who you really are (a sinner) and recognizing and accepting who He is (the Saviour) & letting that wash over you.

2. Describe one significant (human) relationship you have (or had in the past) and how it has affected your life.
Gotta go with Ben on this one. There are others who have deeply affected me, but this one has changed me the most. He is a great man. Not a perfect man, but a great one. He cares deeply for others, specifically the ones no one else seems to spend much effort on loving. He is disciplined, creative, a great baker, and my closest confidant. He is an inspiring servant-thinking of others more than himself.

Our relationship is dynamic & we are learning to love each other. Not sure that you really figure that one out & just coast from then on. Something I read before we were married said basically that it was ridiculous to think that 2 fallen people could even just live together in a house & not drive each other nuts; much less when you throw a marriage into the mix. And I believed that when I read it, but have truly experienced that as our marriage has grown. We are very different people, Ben & I. And that is what is so great-we balance each other out. He encourages me to be more active, to be less selfish, to think more deeply, and to care more about a lot of things (politics, economics, design). There is a safety I feel with him that frees me to ask ridiculous questions about anything (faith, scripture, history) and he won’t think less of me for asking.

This relationship, more than any other, is teaching me how to really love.

4. Why do you want to participate in the Certificate Program? What do you hope to gain from the experience?
Because I want to be stretched. I want to become more comfortable with the way I was created & I want to discover how I can best use my skills & passions for God’s glory. I want to be exposed to things and people I am not comfortable with, because I want to learn to love better. I want to be less judgmental & more loving. I want to figure out ways I can use what I learned in my counseling program & my passion for administration & systems to glorify the Lord. I want to figure out how to make those seemingly dichotomous things fit together beautifully.

5. What most excites you about living in the city and building relationships with people in new and different contexts such as an urban area? What about this most worries you?
I am excited about living in a pedestrian friendly area of the city. I want to walk to a Farmer’s Market & get some things to make dinner with that night. I want to walk & bike to places instead of driving there. I’ve never lived in a city bigger than about 10,000 people. I’m looking forward to being exposed to a lot of different kinds of people & getting to know their stories-where they’ve been, what they’ve learned. I’m concerned about being uncomfortable. I’m concerned about the unknowns about what we’ll be doing every day & who we will hang out with & what we’ll do. I’m concerned about getting lost/flustered trying to find my way around a big city with lots of traffic. And parallel parking.

But I’m also really excited about how I will be a different person at the end of all this.

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