A Sad Week

This is our last full week working at New Life Ranch…and to be honest it has been a sad week for me. I am excited about what we will be doing in Tulsa, but at the right now I am sad…i will really miss a lot of things about being here:

  • mostly my friends and community…im gong to really really miss people
  • living in the woods
  • bike rides with Luke and Geoff
  • seeing raccoons, foxes, and even bobcats in our yard
  • access to tools
  • walking to work
  • seeing the chapel from my office window
  • a boss who is my friend
  • borrowing cars
  • being part of something much much bigger then myself
  • monday night football
  • Our amazing NLR basketball team
  • community group
  • Wednesday lunches
  • no cell phone coverage
  • sunsets on the west40
  • the creek
  • really funny people
  • and there is so much more….

So…I’m sad right now…and I think that is ok.

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