one of those days…you know the kind…

Had to renew my license this morning. Dealings with our local tag agency are never simple or fun. Not for me, or for anyone else around here. For whatever reason you never have the right documentation…and it’s about 20 miles from where we live…in a little mobile home. You can also buy plastic horse figurines, old clothes & catch up on the latest episode of The Price Is Right while you’re there. (It’s an interesting place).

So I went. And all was well until it was time to pay. I needed $25.50 & I only had $1 in cash. And they, of course, will take a credit card for all other motor vehicle transactions EXCEPT renewing your driver’s license.

Of course.

So I drove back down the road & find an ATM. I assumed the first gas station I came to would have an ATM. (But I, of course, was wrong.) They were happy to give me cash though, for a nice fee of $2.

Back to the tag agency I go. And pay…and then I was on my way to Siloam to buy some folders.

And that of course, went smoothly. (ha!)

I needed 100 folders of the same color. Which they didn’t have, so I got 4 different colors-and that part was fine. But their system was messed up & so I waited 20 minutes at the register for them to figure out how to fix it & send me home w/ an invoice. They did give me a bag of Jelly Bellys to make up for it.

So, it’s lunch time & it’s already been a crazy day. But on the bright side, I don’t have to worry about my license again until I’m 33.

One Reply to “one of those days…you know the kind…”

  1. I think I went to the same store for folders. I bought 125 of them and I also got a bag of jelly beans. I think I got them because Mia was with me – I guess she thought she was old enough for them? Ha, we fooled her. Mark and I ate them all (poor Mia) :o)


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