Childhood Heros

For some reason while I was walking in the woods I started thinking about childhood heroes. I have never really thought about who my childhood heroes were, but if I had to pick here are a few:

The Hardy Boys – one of them gets caught by the bad guys in every book, but they always get away, solve the mystery, and justice is served, what’s not to like?

Nancy Drew – See Hardy Boys

Data – he’s a robot on a spaceship and is really strong, smart, and fast. He can even beat up on the Borg. Nuf said.

Dolphus Weary – I read his book I Ain’t Comin Back before going on a trip to Mendenhall Mississippi to work with The Mendenhall Ministries with our youth group. Working in Mendenhall was one of my first introductions to a ministry that served people by meeting a wide range of needs (physical, spiritual, economic, educational, legal…). Dolphous was part of starting TMM.

Robert Ballard – the guy found the Titanic…what more does it take to be a childhood hero then that? I remember watching a documentary about him and how he found and explored the Titanic countless times. I kind of wonder if the tape is still at my house…I would watch it again. If I ever have the chance to go down in Alvin and pilot Jason I would take it in an instant.

edit: I just remembered that I had a book about Ballard finding the Titanic also. it had fold out maps of the wreck and everything. I need to try and find it also.

who were your childhood heroes?

3 Replies to “Childhood Heros”

  1. he-man: fought for good against the evil skeletor, aka “foul demon”. he was strong and secretive about his identity, possibly a sign of humility?

    encyclopedia brown: his dad was the police chief and whenever the police couldn’t figure out a crime, he’d “go home to dinner”. encyclopedia (his name) would always solve the case within a couple days. he was a pretty smart kid.

    tony hawk: i got to see tony on a tour around the country he did in 1997. he, paul zitser, and willy santos put on a show in a small parking lot in tulsa with only a quarter pipe and a couple of rails. it was one of the best things i remember seeing as a youth. he continues to be a role model to the skateboarding community.

    dan frontier: this main character of his self-titled books was always leading people into the wild west. the books were slightly informational on ways people used to do things – a hint at my early interest in history.


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