twenty nine

Some things I did to celebrate my birthday:

  • Ben & I went to see Wicked (which I’ve already told you about).
  • Got up early to  drive from Oklahoma City to Tulsa to see about a possible housing situation for us for this coming year. (It’s pretty exciting!)
  • Ate lunch at Joe Momma’s where we met w/ the owner to discuss some possible part-time work while we are in Tulsa this next year.
  • Saw Julie & Julia w/ Ben. (really good)
  • Bought some new music w/ an itunes gift card I received:
  1. Long Black Veil:  Dave Matthews Band (have LOVED this for a long time…’bout time I owned it)
  2. Bartender:  Dave Matthews Band
  3. 32 Flavors:  Ani DiFranco
  4. Babylon:  David Gray (I’ll be losing some sweet shared itunes libraries when we leave…so I had to update some of my collection–I’ll miss listening to David Gray the most…thanks, Eric!)
  5. The One I Love:  David Gray
  6. And I Can’t Sleep:  Waterdeep
  7. Good Good End:  Waterdeep
  8. Scenes From an Italian Restaurant:  Billy Joel (have always loved this one too…)
  9. Piano Man:  Billy Joel (lots of listening to this one on cassette tape growing up…)
  10. City of New Orleans:  Arlo Guthrie
  11. Bouncing Around the Room:  Arlo Guthrie & Xaviar (this one is by far the most interesting….an Arlo Guthrie cover of a Phish song…I like it!)
  12. American Pie:  Don McLean (a classic from my childhood…lots of listening to this on cassette tape too)
  13. Big Yellow Taxi:  Counting Crows
  14. Hanginaround:  Counting Crows

It was a good birthday! (Though I’m not super-excited about the 2 numbers associated with the next birthday.)

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