We are starting to work out some details for our move to Tulsa. As part of the program we will be in we are provided housing. It seems like Chris and CQmissional have worked out a great place for us to live. The plan is for us to live in an apartment at 15th and Quaker. There are four apartments in one building that share some common areas (the 2 upstairs apartments share a kitchen for example). We don’t know who we will be sharing those spaces with yet, but we will probably have some say in who they are…so that’s good.

Another part of the program is that we have some days to work other jobs to earn money for living expenses. I got to talk to Blake who owns Joe Mommas Pizza I will be working for him doing a variety of things, including working at his pizza place, doing some web work, some demolition and construction..there are lots of possibilities. If nothing else by the time we are done with all of this I ought to be able to cook a good pizza!

It great to be getting some details worked out…in some ways for me right now the thing that I feel like I know the least about is what our actual time at the church will look like, and what the CQMissional program will look like. All of that is hard for me to picture and see in my mind’s eye.

A few things still to work out you can be praying for:

  • We still have to figure out jobs for Beth. There is a good chance she can work at the church, but we don’t have many details on that yet.
  • The housing stuff is not totally set. There are still details to work out.
  • NLR has to find replacements for us. We want them to take their time and get the right people, but at the same time somebody has to do our jobs when we leave…so we hope they are able to find people quickly.
  • Finances. There is significant cost for us to be able to be in this program. We are able to (and are planning to) raise support from friends and family. We know God will provide, but it is still a daunting task.
  • I guess the last thing is just for our transition. we have to pack, get rid of stuff, work, and keep living life all at the same time.

Stuff is coming together!

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