Big Changes in Our Lives

We want to let everybody know about a big change coming up in our lives-we are moving to Tulsa. The basics are that we will be participating in an 11 month program which includes working at a church in Tulsa, training, and academic study. The program is very new (actually so new it barely even exists, we will be in the very fist group of people to go through the program.)

That’s the super quick update version. We would love to let you know more details, but we also don’t want to fill up your inboxes with stuff you don’t want to get. So, over the next couple months we will be sending out 4 or 5 emails with details about what we will be doing, why we are doing it, and a little bit of support raising info. After that we will send out occasional updates. If you want to get these updates just sign up using the form below . We wont send them to you unless you sign up. Well, unless you are our moms, then you get them no matter what. We will post these updates to this blog as well, so if you follow our blog you don’t have to sign up for the emails…but you can if you want to.

We thought we would try to convince you to sign up on our little list, so here are three reasons:

  • You are our friend or our family and you care about us and want to know what we are up to simply because you love us.
  • We think that what we are doing has some big important ideas around it, ideas you might want to consider, talk to us about, and even debate about.
  • If you are interested in new ministries and how you can be involved with them…well, this is a very new ministry that you could be involved with.

So,that’s our pitch, sign up if you want to using this form:

First Name:
Last Name:
Email: [required]

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You wont get an email every time we post to this blog. If you want to know when we post subscribe to the RSS feed.

A few housekeeping things:

  • We will start being more active again this blog.
  • I (Ben) have a blog at, there is not much on it right now, but I think that I will be using it as a place to record  and discuss some of what we are learning about in this program, so check it out if you want as well.
  • Our cell phone number will probably stay the same.
  • Our email addresses will be changing. Let us know if you want our new addresses.

2 Replies to “Big Changes in Our Lives”

    1. Sorry, i forgot to mention that. The email list will only get the big emails we send out, not every post. We will post the text of the emails to the blog, so if you follow the blog in any way you will get all the same updates.


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