50% (or…what are you up to?)

I can tell its summer by the lack of blog posts (that and 230 kids running around camp), so here is the quick update.

Summer is going well. Honestly for me this part of summer is kind of strange. I feel like i do stuff all the time, but never really get anything done, instead of working on the web redesign like im supposed to be i end up fixing broken AV gear. The gear needs to be fixed, but so does the web site.  So, sometimes its kind of frustrating to not feel like im making progress on stuff.  There are all sorts of pictures of camp at the NLR Blog if you want to see a bit of summer camp.

Next week is the week between weeks…we don’t have normal camp, just a retreat group for a few days, then Family Camp. I have a friend who is moving to Florida so im going to drive with him to help him move then visit my brother, then fly back. My brother just bought a house (what…a house? That’s kind of grown up)…im excited to see him, where he works and lives…should be fun.

Here are a few random things you can look at: CQ Missional, Love Your Enemies, The making of Horsin’ Around, The Big Picture

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