Week1 is drawing to a close. We are finishing up the video and will be duplicating it soon. (if your interested…its 3:49am right now….)

Overall this has been a rough week. We started a blog for NLR called MCP Live, which has been really good, people have responded to it well, but with all things new there are some issues to work out, that combined with Kyle (or photographer) having to go home for a couple of weeks because of a back injury made for a tough start. Kyle is back now…so Kyle is building some new systems for our pictures galleries, Daniel (who came on last minute as a photographer in case Kyle could not make it back) is dong the photography thing. Grace is doing a great job with the Blog and Photogrphy Activity Class, next week she will start on some big design projects, and Kristn is doing the video stuff. I guess that another part of why this has been a hard first week is that i have never had 4 people working for me before, so im trying to learn how to be a good team leader….and it’s not that easy!

So, week1 comes to a close, im ready to get some rest this weekend and have a smoother week2.

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