Day One

Well, it’s 11:29 pm & we have survived 2 weeks of Staff training & Day One of Summer Camp. Well, I say “we”…Ben’s actually still at camp working-I have retired for the evening & am looking forward to curling up in bed. The past 2 weeks have been something of a whirlwind. Last-minute staffing changes, training our Summer Staffers, getting our own jobs done, and sneaking in a date night & a trip to Sam’s…that’s what we’ve been up to.

Ben & I are each involved in Resident Staff Small Groups again this summer. The Summer Staffers are divided into small groups, and each small group meets once a week at a Resident Staff person’s house. It’s an hour for them to unwind, vent, eat yummy snacks, relax in a “real” house-not a cabin…  We are looking forward to getting to know our groups better this summer, and have already enjoyed having several of my (Beth’s) girls over to the house to do laundry. Please pray with us as we form relationships with these staffers, and for our conversations as we welcome them into our home.

These days at the beginning of camp are so full of energy & excitement…over 200 3rd-12th graders invaded our quiet vally today…and we are excited to see & hear what the Lord does in their lives while they are here!

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