an update

It seems like our blog needs a post, so here is one….

We are feeling much better, im over my sickness, Beth Still has some allergies, but is doing better. Lots of people at the ranch are sick…we are all passing stuff around. Hopefully we will all be over it soon. Mostly we have just been working hard at work recently. Between getting ready for summer camp, getting the next NLN ready for prints, vision dinners, retreats…it’s been busy.

Here is some randomeness:

Book i just finished:
Jesus for President
Book beth just finished: The Kite Runner (she just finished, and in a celebration worthy of TO and a fine she spiked it to the ground)
Book im reading: Basic Economics
Book beth is reading: any suggestions?
2 good pizza places: Little Bread Company in Fayetteville and Sam & Ella’s in Tahlequah
3 blogs: Rich Davis, AfriGadget, decoys like curves
my bracket: coin flip
beth’s bracket: had i heard of them, do i like the name of the school, is it in MO?
whos winning: beth
view out our window: the neighbors spray painting the trampoline
4 npr shows: This American Life, Marketplace, Radio Lab, car talk (talk of the nation, all things considered, wait wait dont tell me…does it ever end?)
places to get news: npr,, cnn, beth’s desk
nicknames: Pam
Tv Shows: Gilmore Girls, LOST, (those are beth’s) The Office (thats both of us) Hells Kitchen (this one is mine…its dumb, yet i watch it every week…whats up with that?)
NLR Basketball team record: 2-a lot
recent iTunes imports: The Development Of Western Music An Anthology 3rd Edition and Until Tomorrow
on the schedule for today: hikig, biking, laundry, dinner, movie, popcorn

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