Sometimes I surprise myself.

I have done a few things recently that make me sit back and say, “Wow…how many degrees do you have?” And before you even get started, I’m being brutally honest here, so no “making fun” comments, only sympathy or sharing similar experiences. Thanks.

Cases in point:

  1. I really like my coffee grinder. Except for the power cord. Specifically the length of the power cord. There is only 3 inches of cord, and that just really is not long enough. For a couple years now I’ve been frustrated almost every time I go to use it b/c of that cord length. I recently noticed that some friends have the same coffee grinder that I have, but the power cord on theirs was 3 times as long. A much-improved design modification I thought the maker adjusted between the time I bought mine & they bought theirs. I bought another grinder this weekend so we could have one in the camp office & I could keep mine at home (b/c I get cranky when I can’t make coffee at home b/c my grinder is in the office…and b/c whole bean is really the only way to go.) Well, lo & behold this grinder (same exact one that I have, and our friends have) has a great, long cord…with a cool feature that lets you wrap it back up under the base, to keep things less cluttered. While I was showing this to Ben he said, “Are you SURE yours doesn’t do that?” And of course, while I picked it up and was explaining that, “No, it doesn’t, see…” I unwrapped another foot of cord from around the base of mine. Heh heh…guess my dad was right about reading those owner’s manuals all along…
  2. Our answering machine is usually full of messages…mostly because we like to keep the old ones that are funny. One day (several YEARS after we got the machine) as I was impatiently listening to all 8-10 of the messages to get to the last one that I needed to hear I was complaining about this to Ben. That’s when he showed me the “skip” button. Where you can skip ahead to the next message & you don’t have to listen to the whole thing. Now if we could only figure out how to set the clock on the answering machine, we could know what time people actually called our house…instead of the “fake time” that it says they called. (If you call & leave a message at 10am on a Sunday, it will probably tell us the message was left at 7pm on a Tuesday).
  3. Our cell phone has about a million phone numbers stored in it. I get quite frustrated scrolling through ALL those names to get to the person in the “T” section of the list. And then Ben showed me (a few weeks ago…we’ve had the phone over 2 years) that you can just hit the letter you’re looking for & it will jump ahead to the first entry for that letter of the alphabet. Genius! Now, why he didn’t tell me about this from the beginning I’ll never know.

One Reply to “Sometimes I surprise myself.”

  1. Okay, so we have that same coffee grinder. Got it for our wedding. We were very excited until we took it out and went to grind some beans for the first time, and it wouldn’t work!! We were very frustrated and brought it back to the store to exchange it. Brought it home and discovered that the new one didn’t work either!!! Until Matt had the ingenious idea of trying it in a different outlet. And yes, it worked. We brought that first one back because the outlet had tripped and had no power… That made us feel pretty stupid. So I can definitely relate…


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