so, we have not done an update about what is going on in our life in a while..so here are a few things that have been going on:

Beth is taking Perspectives, i took the class a couple years ago, but it has been good to go back and sit in on a few classes.

I made some postcards to promo some camps we do.

Our friends Cass and Brandi moved to Siloam Springs. It’s kind of strange to not see them every day. Now Cass is a starving artist so buy his music.

Beth spent a weekend with her parents helping move her grandma to a new assisted living facility.

We had lots of ice last week, but not as much as Siloam Springs or the rest of Northwest Arkansas. The further east you go the worse it got. We missed out on the bad stuff this time.

I tried to make some bread the other night but i got the timing all wrong and ended up staying up until 4am, and it was not even very good bread.

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