a day

Some days you have really great days. Everything falls into place, things go as planned, good surprises come your way. And some days are just days…you go through your meetings, taks, nothing special. Not good, not bad. And then there are those days. Those days that nothing really seems to go as planned, and you just keep getting more & more frustrated with each new “catastrophe.” Today was one of those days. A little snapshot for you:

-The copier prints fuzzy black lines through all the pages, making some things impossible to read, and other things too unprofessional to use, rendering it’s services utterly useless until it gets fixed.

-The postage machine has been saying it needs new ink for about a month now. I checked a month ago when the warning first came up & determined that we had new postage ink & that I’d just let it run out as much as I could (no need to replace it when we can still get use out of the old one!). Well, today the old one finally ran out. But we did not have new cartridges. Just 2 old cartridges that were never thrown out. This is not only frustrating b/c we didn’t have what we needed to print postage, but doubly frustrating b/c multiple people are trying to send out their newsletters right now, in time for Christmas.

-The roads were covered with a nice sheet of ice today, and being in the front of the office, that just makes things a little hectic (more phone calls, people asking about the roads, people calling in). Plus, Ben was headed to Oklahoma City today (a 6 hour round trip) in the bad weather. (That stressed me out a little all by itself.)

-The Christmas promo needed to be mailed out to campers today. But we couldn’t put postage on anything b/c we didn’t have postage ink. So I spent the morning assembling the packages, wrapping the gifts, but couldn’t get them in the mail.

-I had to go home at lunch to get things ready for a Christmas Party this afternoon at our house.

Now, none of these things by themselves would have been terrible. It was just one thing on top of the other, on top of a hard morning. So, my remedy: Sweatpants + sweatshirt + a dinner of popcorn, an apple & some cheese. Now we’re off to a friend’s house for some dessert/coffee. I’m looking forward to it….some relaxing time by a warm fire.  And I’m looking forward to starting over tomorrow.

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