The Sale.

Well, We had sort of a crazy week last week, which ended with our very first craft sale. Here are a few pictures of our super-cool booth. Notice Ben’s artfully displayed photos for sale hanging on the wall.

[our booth]

[my cards]

[some people brought those long white plastic tables. we brought our furniture from home.]

[see that empty space on top, next to the white frame? that’s where 1 of leah’s frames sat. until she sold it!]

We had a really good time setting up our booth & at the actual sale. Though we didn’t sell much, we still had a good time, and would like to try it again, so that’s encouraging. And it was a good goal to have to get our stuff up on We saw several other vendors at this sale that use etsy, so it was encouraging to know that lots of other crafters use that site & it works well for things like this.

Tomorrow we’ll be participating in our 4th annual Casserole Crawl 5k here at the Ranch, having brunch with Ben’s parents, and figuring out what we want to do this weekend.  Camping…hiking…who knows!

One Reply to “The Sale.”

  1. Ohh!! It all looks so great! Perhaps your furniture gave it all a more homey appeal. 🙂 (I thought i recognized a few shelves). I’m so glad you got to do this, even if you didn’t sell a lot. It was your first time, I’m sure you got ideas from other vendors, and…you had fun?!?
    I love you!!!


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