The Windy City

We took a little trip to the Windy City a few weekends ago. It was windy. And it was a big city. And we had a fabulous time.  Some highlights…
1. Staying with Doug & Danae…the newlyweds. They were great hosts. And Doug brings home lots of treats from Starbucks…like coffee & apple fritters.

Doug & Danae

2. Visiting the Art Institute.

3. Seeing the “bean.”

The bean when it was cloudy outside.

(view from inside the bean.)

4. Deep dish pizza!

5. Lunch with Jon & Tara (one of Beth’s college roomies.) We ate at the Weber Grill Restaurant…very tasty! And we all took a little trip to Ikea after that…quite an experience! We were able to find our traditional “vacation” mug while we were there though. (We collect mugs from our trips.  We have one from San Antonio, 2 from Colorado, one from Branson (a gift-but we have been there.), & now Chicago!

6. Dinner with Adam & Karen (more friends of Beth’s from college). We got to meet their daughter, Marilyn, for the 1st time! What a cutie!  And we had some great conversations with Adam & Karen-so encouraging. Thanks, guys!

7. Seeing the city, especially at night.  It’s a beautiful city…one of my very favorites…so many cool buildings!

We had a great trip. Plenty of good conversations with friends (& each other), good food, fun time in the big city, and a great road trip there & back.

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