Star Wars

So, I finally watched this much-loved trilogy last month, at the urging of Ben. I have a few thoughts.

  1. The setting. I need to preface these thoughts with saying that I watched all 3 videos on our VHS player through our 13” tv screen. Great sound system though.
  2. The Acting. I found it slightly less than superb. Save for Darth & Han Solo…no wonder they went on to make it big.
  3. Princess Leia. It was really, really hard for me to not picture her hauling around a large bazooka. (If you’ve seen The Blues Brothers, you’ll know what I’m talking about.)
  4. Chewy. I found slightly more annoying than lovable.
  5. R2-D2 & C3-PO…probably my favorites.

I’m glad I can finally say I’ve watched them now, and it did have a pretty good ending. I’ll admit that I enjoyed it.

2 Replies to “Star Wars”

  1. I’m glad you FINALLY saw those movies, Beth. I would say it’s about time. 🙂

    And Ben, your pictures are great! I enjoyed looking at them the other day.



  2. Wha hoo!! Beth finally watched Star Wars!!

    Ben, the next step is to rent the “Dominion War” season of DS9 and watch the whole thing in a 1 night marathon!!


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