The Land of Shaved Legs and Tight Pants

I rode the Hotter ‘N Hell Hundred Saturday, and i finished the ride under my own power, not in an ambulance or in a truck. That was my goal…just to finish. Inside i wish i had done it a lot faster. It took me 9 hours, which is really slow (for some context Luke and Geoff did it in 5). 100 was more miles then i was ready for, but im glad i did it…finishing felt really good!

There were 12000 participants (thus, lots of shaved legs and tight pants…), its crazy seeing that many people lined up on the street getting ready to ride. The race is started by a cannon and an air force fly over (after that the start is a bit anticlimactic…it takes 30 minutes to get everybody started, so you kind of end up waiting around for a while).

The ride was good. miles 0-60 were great, 60-100 not so much…i spent a lot of time at the rest stations where lots of nice people gave you cold water and food…kind of made it hard to want to get back on the bike!

K, here are some pictures:

Its really hard to capture so many people on the start line…just imagine a small town (like Siloam Springs) packed into 12 city blocks with bikes.




Pyro Pete (and Beth!)…

Luke and Geoff going through the cut off.

when you spend 9 hours on the course they start taking the course apart before you get back…

And i was very thankful for friends who stayed around to cheer me in.

well. that’s it…100 miles 2 flat tires, lots of water and bananas, cliff bars, oranges and a really gross cliff shot later i finished. At lest i have lots of room to get faster…

5 Replies to “The Land of Shaved Legs and Tight Pants”

  1. Congratulations! The one time Matt & I did about 12 miles, I think it took me about an hour… so you’re doing better than me, that’s for sure! And out of curiosity – why so many shaved legs? Do bicyclist have to shave their legs? Hmmm… I might have to rethink this whole “supporting my husband is new hobbies, like biking” thing…


  2. Thanks Lara and Katy! I think the shaved leg thing is mostly tradition, supposedly it is also good to not have hair on your legs if you makes it easier to clean the wounds out. I have never shaved my legs, so i dont know if it makes you faster or not. So…i think you are safe with Matt, unless he gets really serous!


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