on turning 28…

So I had a birthday yesterday….I love birthdays. I think it’s so fun that everyone gets this one day of the year just for them. There are lots of great people we know who have August birthdays, but I once worked in a place where at least 4 of us had the same birthday (if not more than 4). It’s fun finding someone who shares your birthday! (and to have found so many in one office building was pretty amazing to me!)

It was a good day…cooler temps, sunshine, a pizza party in the office (where I was the honored recipient of a Miss Colcord Pageant 1997 2nd Runner-Up trophy…wrapped in a Victoria’s Secret bag…delivered by a 4 year old), a mini-scavenger hunt that lead me to a few significant places for Ben & I around camp & into Siloam (dinner @ Sonic-which I had been craving), to Ben’s parents’ house (with yummy chocolate pudding brownie dessert) & the opening of a very special gift….an ipod!

I have been wanting an ipod for years now….and I guess Ben finally decided that I had been good enough to warrant this large of a gift. 😉 I’m pretty excited about it…. And the best part? Engraved on the back it says: “This is Beth’s…For lots of hard work”

He’s so great! 🙂

And today…I think I have what I’m calling a ‘birthday hangover’…. and I’m wearing pigtails…because I’m still in a little denial over being 2 years away from 30.

2 Replies to “on turning 28…”

  1. Don’t say anything about being only a couple years from 30! I’m only a month from being just a year away, and Matt yells at me everytime. “30 is the new 20! You are NOT getting old!” he says! We are young and vibrant! 🙂


  2. What fantastic gifts!And don’t you just love it when your guy lets you know that he knows all the stuff you do.
    There is nothing wrong with pigtails, either. Besides being fun, they are still the only way i can get all of my hair to stay put out of my face. And some people they just look good on.


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