I like dogs/I hate dogs

I like dogs ok, they are fun to play with, they can catch things, they are loyal…all those cool dog things. But when i am on my bike and they chase me they seriously scare me…irrationally so. i think it is left over fear from being chased down on my bike by a pack of little dogs and getting bit when i was little. On my ride tonight i got chased by dogs three times…ahh…adrenalin.

2 Replies to “I like dogs/I hate dogs”

  1. Ben: Good luck on your ride. No advice re errant dogs but lots of advice on extended rides. Having done several one hundred mile rides in the heat…KEEP HYDRATED!!! I became dehydrated once on a 70 mile ride and ended up near delirium on the side of the road and took two liters of fluid IV-style by the passing ambulance that was part of the support group for the ride. Not a fun experience and I truly learned my lesson. You might consider a CamelBack. I have one and on any rides I do that exceed 60 miles…I’ll wear it. Last outing the temp was in the upper 80’s-low 90’s and we rode app’x 70 miles…I drained my CamelBack (70 oz) and 3 bottles of GatorAde (20 oz each) plus ate 2 ClifBars and 3 PowerBars and 1/2 bagel. Keep nourished and drink lots. The humidity in this area is generally less than 10% so a very dry heat but, be wary, humidity is the trickster…You’ll sweat copious amounts so your fluid intake needs to be paramount. Anyway…Good luck. RC


  2. Thanks RC…i think im going to really concentrate on drinking/calories and my pace…im not out to get some sort of good time, so i just want to ride efficiently, not to fast, not to slow, so i make it to the end. As long as i avoid the ambulance ill feel successful!


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