A Little End of Summer Update

Summer Camp is over, the 5oth is over, Beth is done with school (and her birthday is coming up). So, things are kind of quite around here.

The 50th celebration went really well. We had around 1000 people on the grounds. One of the big parts i had in the day was putting together a display about the history of NLR. I had great help from Tom, Leah, Ashleigh, Scott, Cass, and Beth (and Bethany and Liz and my parents). It was a fun project…and i am very grateful for all the help! Here are some pictures:

Now its on to the rest of the year…some bigger projects (like redesigning the New Life News and newliferanch.com), some time off for vacation (back to CO), finishing the unfinished workbench i started building and never finished (its not done…). A video project for a friend here at the ranch, i might start taking pictures again (or i might not….), lots of reading i hope, and a couple century rides (if i survive the first one). And, i got my Chacos back today, they were being repaired…

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