Beautiful Anomalies

My friend, Holley just started a blog. She’s a greeting card writer, among many other roles she takes on in her life, and I think you’ll be blessed just by stopping by her site. The Lord has truly given her a gift for writing.

One of her recent posts is about Beautiful Anomalies. Reading it got me to thinking about the anomalies in my life. Here are just a few that I’d like to start seeing as beautiful. (This will make more sense if you read her post about it here.)

1) I need time to myself every now & then to recharge
2) I usually choose Dr. Pepper as my drink of choice at most any restaurant, unless I’m eating pizza, or at Quizno’s-then it’s Mt. Dew
3) It bothers me if the car is parked crooked in the driveway.
4) I LOVE live music & can appreciate it, even if it’s not perfect, or even really that great. I think that someone who has the guts to get up and share their stuff with strangers deserves appreciation.

What are some of your anomalies?

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