A Saint

I keep being about to start a post about the end of Summer Camp, the 50th, what we are up to now…the usual stuff. But not today. This morning we went to the memorial service of Ruth Heck. I did not really know Ruth, but she has had a huge impact on my life, and, perhaps, on yours. Ruth Heck was married to Willard Heck. Willard and Ruth, along with the Hulls started New Life Ranch in 1958, she was a servant, prayer warrior and encourager for this ministry, as well at Tulsa Bible Church which they also helped start. If, when i die, people look back on my life and say i had 1/10000 the impact of Ruth i would have done well, and i will be surprised. It was encouraging this morning to to hear (and to have seen) that there are people who are fully committed to glorifying God by serving others, even in the final hours and minutes of their earthly life.

Ruth died in the morning on August 2nd (thats right…the day we celebrated 50 years of NLR…50 years of the ministry she helped create). I think that there is no greater tribute to her then to have 1000 people at NLR the day she died celebrating the legacy and future of what she started.

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