Email# 5: Beth

This was the 5th email in our series.

Well, you’ve been hearing from Ben for awhile, so I thought it was time I spoke up. It’s a hard thing to be heard in our house, between Ben & I it’s hard to get a word in edgewise. (That was a joke.) But seriously, here’s a word (or a few) from me about what I do at the Ranch.

The hat I most often wear at the Ranch is “Program Administrative Assistant.” It’s a nice hat-it fits me pretty comfortably, with a little room to grow. It’s still a pretty new hat, but I think it’s breaking in well. In one sentence: I manage most of the administrative stuff for our Retreat groups. Most of the groups that come for a Retreat at NLR are youth groups, adult groups, schools (public & private), and a few types of other groups that book our beautiful valley. After a group finds an open date & books specific lodging, it’s my job to send them a contract, process their payments & take care of random other paperwork that is required. At NLR, our job descriptions all include the following phrase: “…and whatever else needed.” My “whatever else needed” is ordering office supplies, managing inventory in our camp store, answering the phones, processing paperwork for Summer Camp, copy editing, making coffee, running the mail, helping people figure out what they originally walked in the office to do. (My desk is right in the middle of the office, between the front door and the mailboxes and the copy/fax/scanner machine.) I often get distracted by people walking through, but I like where I sit a lot…plenty of action…and good conversations to overhear. 😉

Three things I love about my job:
1) Taking care of the administrative stuff of camp is a GREAT fit for me. I get to be behind the scenes & take care of things so my co-workers can do what they do best out in front.
2) It’s AT CAMP. I worked in an “office job” for several years & enjoyed myself & my time at DaySpring. But after a few years of driving in to town from work every day and missing what was happening at camp, my heart ached to stay in this valley & be a part of the ministry happening here, at my home.
3) I work with AMAZING people. So many people here who love the Lord and are sold out for being a part of serving His people, so many beautiful little children live here & are really fun to play with, and last, but certainly not least, my husband.

Three things that I don’t love so much:
1) That I still split my time between work & school. (but that’s a whole ‘nother Oprah story, as my friend, Melissa, would say. More on this one in a later email).
2) That I still sit at a desk for a good part of each day. Though I have a flexible schedule, which helps a lot.
3) That I have a difficult time saying “no”…there are millions of opportunities for me to serve people, and it’s hard to say, “I don’t really have time to do that.” I’m working on this one, and am actually getting better.


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