Email number 4

This was the fourth email in our series.


In our last few emails we talked about why NLR exists (To proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to equip believers for ministry), and how we do that (through relationships in our seven areas of ministry). The first three emails are on our web site ( just click on the emails category. It seems like the next thing to talk about is our roles at NLR. First Ben’s, we will talk about what Beth does next time.

My official job title is Communications Coordinator. Basically I am responsible for brochures, videos, the web site, letters…anything that is a way we communicate with campers and guests. It’s not what comes to most people’s mind when they think of camp jobs (I’m in an office all day…not leading backpacking trips or being in crazy skits), but it is an important job. I really think of what i do as helping to get people to come to camp so that ministry can happen. I also do some random other stuff like take care of our AV systems in meeting rooms.

uh…so that’s it. That’s what i do. Here are three things i like about my job:

  1. solving problems creatively – I really like being able to figure out what a particular promotion or video needs to accomplish, then figuring out how to do that (Thanks Mr. Andrus…). It gives each project purpose, not jut pretty lines on paper
  2. planning promotions – figuring out the most effective way to promote something and putting a plan together for how to do that is probably one of my favorite parts of my job.
  3. seeing direct results – This year’s Mother/Daughter Retreat set attendance records. There were lots of factors in why so many people came, but part of it was as a result of postcards, ads, etc that i made. It is really fulfilling to be able to see the effectiveness of something I have done.

Three things I don’t like about my job:

  1. maintaining the web site – designing web sites is kind of fun…keeping them up to date, not so much
  2. making mistakes – I have had several projects go wrong recently…its really frustrating and discouraging to have to throw 1000 brochures in the recycling bin because of a misspelled word.
  3. being in front of people – I’m never really in front of people, but my work gets seen by a lot of people (we send the New Life News to around 13,000 people…which seems like a lot to me…). I have a very behind the scenes personality, but my job is, in some ways, not very behind the scenes.

Thanks for reading

Ben and Beth

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