the bike wreck

So here’s what we know about what happened when Ben wrecked last Tuesday…

Basically, he was riding his mountain bike here at the Ranch & fell, probably losing consciousness for a little bit. He had a pretty good concussion and doesn’t remember much about going for a ride, and definitely doesn’t remember the wreck or how he got home. He walked home w/ his bike & I was at home when he got there (praise the LORD!) We watched him for about an hour, but he was still having some pretty strong amnesia, so after talking to our doctor, we decided to take him to the ER for a CT scan. Everything came back fine (no bleeding, etc.) so they released him. We followed up with our doctor the next morning and basically just need to keep watching for any neurological differences from the concussion (even months from now), but other than that, he’s just bruised up and really sore. We’re guessing from what we can gather that he went over the handlebars and hit his head/neck/shoulder pretty hard. Praise God he was wearing his helmet!! (which has a decent-sized crack in it now).

There are lots of things I’m praising God for in this situation….the helmet, that he walked himself home, that I was home when he came in (I had just gotten back home from being at class), that we have close friends and family to help us out (and sit w/ me at the hospital!)

Unfortunately we don’t really know what happened (or even exactly where it was)…and we may never find out…which is kind of strange. But we are also marveling at the human body and it’s ability to protect itself and heal. (and walk itself home, even when it doesn’t know what’s going on.)

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