That’s my brain


This is a picture of my brain, and it is all healthy. I got to have this nice picture of my brain taken because the nice doctor at the emergency room wanted to make sure that my brain was not broken in half. (well…thats sort of how i imagine it at least). A few days ago i was riding my mountain bike and crashed, then walked home, then beth took me to the emergency room. I don’t remember any of this, which is really strange….overall there is a 3 or 4 hour chunk of time that i don’t remember. I’m fine now, i just have some big bruises and sore muscles, and a broken bike helmet (which is better then a broken brain). Thank you all who have been praying and checking up on me! I appreciate it!


one last picture…see no broken bones!

7 Replies to “That’s my brain”

  1. No offense…but the first picture makes it look like you don’t have a brain and that its all empty space!!! Tee-hee.

    I AM glad that you’re okay though! And very glad you had on a helmet! THANKS GOD for keeping Ben in tact!!!


  2. wow; sorry to hear about your wreck. We are so thankful you are ok.

    Can we use these pictures for Halloween? Tim ;o)


  3. and actually, there IS a broken bone in the second picture…or at least a bone that didn’t heal properly. πŸ™‚ Can you find it?


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